Energy Meridians

  • When we think, our bodies feel.
  • Traveling over the surface of our body is an energy meridian system.
  • There are 12 energy meridians that each flow through the organs of the body and are interconnected to each other and to the brain.  The organs of the body produce our feelings and emotions, which explains why stimulating (tapping) the energy points influences brain function and emotion.
  • All tapping points are classic acupuncture points, located mainly at the beginning or end of a meridian.  The points run through the body to/from the hands and feet up to the top of the head.  Acupuncture points are interconnected at the fingertips and toes, thus we tap with the fingertips, to stimulate these connection points.
  • The points at the end of the meridians have the greatest ability to move energy.  Energy movement takes place in both the meridian being tapped as well as an connecting meridian.
Point Location Meridian Points Main Negative Emotions
Top of Head TH GV 20 Governing Vessel Assimilation (of scattered emotions), 1000 meeting points
Eye Brow EB UB 2 Bladder Trauma, dread, panic, terror, frustration, impatience, disappointment
Side Eye SE GB 1 Gall Bladder Anger, internal conflict, rage, indecision
Under Eye UE St 1 Stomach Anxiety, unreliable, deprivation, emptiness, bitter, addiction
Under Nose UN GV 27 Governing Vessel (last DU- strong brain connection) Embarrassed, unsupported
Chin CH CV 24 Central Vessel      (last REN – strong brain connection) Overwhelmed, self respect, shyness, shame
Collar Bone CB K 27 Kidney Fear, phobia, cautious, careless, reckless, indecisive
Under Breast UB Lv 14 Liver Anger, rage, distressed, self righteousness, unhappiness
Under Arm UA Sp 21 Spleen Rejection, self esteem, worried thoughts, cynicism, envy
Thumb Th Lu 11 Lung Grief, regret, depressed
Index finger IF LI 1 Large Intestine Holding on to past hurts, stubbornness, indifference
Middle finger MF P 9 Pericardium Sad, jealous, gloomy
Pinky finger PF H9 Heart Forgiveness, excessive joy, hysteria, shock
Karate Chop KC SI 3 Small Intestine Fear of a new experience, confusion, unappreciated, vulnerable
GAMUT Top of hand TW 3 Triple Warmer Hopelessness, social disorientation

5 Elements

The universe, as well as the human body, are influenced by the energy of the 5 elements.  Any imbalances in the energies of one element will present in the organs and meridians dominated by that element.  Each element flows from one to the next and all are interconnected.

Element Emotions Organ or Meridian Yin or Yang Climate Qi Taste Body Tissue
Earth Empathy, Sympathy Stomach Yang Late Summer Sweet Muscles
Spleen Yin
Metal Grief, Guilt, Regret Large Intestine Yang Fall Spicy Skin
Lung Yin
Water Fear, Anxiety Bladder Yang Winter Salt Bones
Kidney Yin
Wood Anger, Resentment Gallbladder Yang Spring Sour Sinews
Liver Yin
Fire Joy, Love, Hate Small Intestine Yang Summer Bitter Blood Vessel
Heart Yin
Triple Warmer
(Thyroid, Adrenals, Thymus)
Circulation / Sex Yin